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Online MNP5 Data Compression Tool

In MNP5 Compression, codewords from 4 to 10 bits long are used to represent 8-bit message characters. Codewords are assigned dynamically to use the shortest codewords for the most frequently occuring message characters.

This online tool allows you to examine the workings of MNP5 compression.

Model C-182 MNP5 Compression Tool
Input Text:

Output Format: Bits Chars Both

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Compressed Text with Bits

I110001001 n110101110 (spc)10100010 M110001110 N110001111 P110010001 510111010 (spc)0010 c110100100 o110101111 m110101111 p110110000 r110110010 e110101010 s110110011 s011101 i110101111 o011001 n01000 ,10111010 (spc)0000 c011001 o0010 d110101100 e011101 w110110111 o0001 r011101 d1000000 s0010 (spc)0001 f110101110 r01010 o0000 m011101 (spc)0001 4110000101 (spc)0001 t110110101 o0001 (spc)0000 1110000100 0110000100 (spc)0000 b110101111 i011111 t1000100 s0010 (spc)0000 l110110100 o0001 n01000 g110110001 (spc)0000 a110110001 r0011 e01010 (spc)0000 u110110110 s0010 e01001 d01011 (spc)0000 t011010 o0001 (spc)0000 r0011 e01000 p1000000 r0011 e01000 s01000 e0011 n01001 t01011 (spc)0000 8110001110 -110001000 b1000111 i011010 t01010 (spc)0000 m011010 e0010 s01000 s0011 a1001010 g1001010 e0010 (spc)0000 c011010 h110110011 a011101 r01000 a011011 c011011 t01001 e0001 r01000 s0011 .110001010

OUTPUT: 623 bits = 101 codewords × 6.168 bits per character (average)

Compression Ratio = 623/808 = 0.771

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